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Buying an e-bike is an exciting experience for those who have never owned it before. Electric bikes are relatively new in the market, and are the result of great advancement made in the technology in recent years. Different models of electric bikes are available in the market, some of them are perfect for day-to-day use while other are engineered for more drastic rides. ANCHEER folding electric mountain bike is one of the best for the adventure lovers. Let’s have a look on its exciting features.

Body Design:
Main frame and handlebar are manufactured with aluminum allow; while front fork is made up of high strength carbon steel for shockabsorption. The painting material is anti-rust as well as anti-exposure, which keeps the stylish look intact.Superior quality 26 inch thick lithium tires are raped around beautiful aluminum alloy wheel, which provide anti slip features to this wonder e-bike. These features make this folding ebike ideal for snowy and wet tracks as well as for bumpy hilly routes. Its foldable frame allows you to carry it along at the holiday destination solving your transportation issues as well. The bike itself weighs 26 kg and can support up to 150 kg.

Functional Features:
Operating of this electric bike is simple and allows a user to choose between two integrated modes i.e. E-bike and assisted mode. In the electric mode, all the power is generated by the battery and the motor, and rider can just sit back and enjoy the fresh air. Pedal assisted mode combine human power plus electric power. It provides three level of assistant – low, medium, and high. In low mode, rider get 30% assistant from the motor while pedaling; in medium it goes up to 60 %; while high mode provides 100% assistance. You can switch between these three modes by simply pressing the designated button. This ebike comes with large capacity 36 V lithium battery that provide charge to 250W high speed brushless gear motor. On the electric mode, this battery gives 25km/15.5 mile, while on assisted mode it reaches up to 50 km/31 mile. The package also include smart lithium battery charger for fast charging (4-6 hours). This bikes comes with dual suspension system, which is an added bonus for the hilly routes.The other special features of this mountain bike are dual disc brake system (mechanical front brake and rear disc brake) and with 21 speed Shimano transmission system.

• Foldable, compact, and light weight.
• Perfect solution for heavy riders.
• Dual suspension and brake systems.
• Built-in USB port for electronic device charging.

• Non- removable battery.

Price and reviews:
With the rating of 3.9 out of 5, this e-bike is ranked number 13 at the best seller list of amazon’s sport and outdoor products. With all these amazing features, this e-bike is available at the at the exciting discount price and free shipping. Choose between the available colors (white blue and black blue) and book your order now for unforgettable experience at the hilly routes.

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