Cryusher Electric Bicycle Review

Cyrusher Extrabici XF660 Review

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Electric bikes are an ideal option for adventure lovers who want extra power on hill climbs as well as for commuters looking for budget friendly mode of transportation. Even for healthy people it is difficult to climb up the hilly routes. Electric bikes are powdered by the batteries that runs a motor which provide extra power to a rider to have a fun and exciting tour. If you are looking for an e-bike that can work equally best in all the seasons- whether you are out in rain, snow or bright sunny day then Cyrusher Extrabici XF660 is the perfect solution for you.

Main Features

The design of XF660 is very beautiful and eye-catching. It has sleek body with matte black and green color scheme. Other color schemes which are being offered are black orange, black red, and back blue. The frame of this bike in constructed with aluminum alloy which provide durability and strength to support up to 360 lbs even on bumpy routes. Tires and rims of this ebike are especially designed for snowy and rainy areas. They are 26 inch think, waterproof, and antiskid for added safety. The handle bar consist of speed gear, battery indicator, throttle twist controller, and power switch. Three buttons of different colors are also present on the handle bar- red button is front light switch, green is for horn, and yellow is an adjustable three level speed switch. Level I is for the lowest speed, while on level III you will get maximum speed. The cables of this e-bikes are of super high quality waterproof material; designed especially for rainy and snowy rides.

XF660 offers two riding modes- Electric mode in which no pedaling is required; and pedal assist mode in which a little power is required by the rider through pedaling. XF660 comes with 48 V battery. You have to follow some instructions to increase the lifespan of this battery. Always connect charger first to the battery and then in the wall socket to avoid sparks. Charge it when 30-40% power is left, and disconnect only when it charges 100 %. It is recommended to use pedal assistance mode if you ridding on a hilly area. This battery provide powers to 500 W motor that is engineered especially for wet weather. Under electric power mode, this motor gives 30-35 miles range at a maximum speed of 25 MPH. The other key features are:

• TY300D rear derailleur
• Shimano 7 speed freewheel
• TX50-7 Shift Lever
• Aluminum alloy lockout suspension specialized for snow bike
• 7 speed specialized chain
• Dual disc brakes and full suspension.

• Versatile design for comfortablecommuting, snow ride, and muddy paths.
• Thick tires for added safety.
• Powerful motor for hilly routes.
• Variable speed controls.

• Get slows with heavy weight on hilly routes.
• Gear changing mechanism is cumbersome and require time in getting familiar with its controllers.

Rating: XF660 has an incredible rating of 4.8/5 out of 5.

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