Electric Bike Tips and Tricks

Electric bikes are the motorized bicycles that are much more fun than an ordinary bicycle. In many ways, electric bikes are just the smaller version of cars. Therefore, you need to be careful while driving an ebike. Here are some useful tips and tracks that can make your ride safer, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Safety tips:
• Always wear a helmet.
• Always drive on the left side of the road. Stay away from prohibited areas.
• Avoid congested traffic area, especially if you are a new rider.
• Avoid show-off tricks like one wheeling, driving without using hands to impress other. It can cost you yours or other’s life!
• Stay alert and know your surroundings. Stay focused as most of the accidents occurs when riders are not in right state of mind.
• Strictly follow all the traffic rules and regulations. Most of the states allow maximum speed of 20 miles, so don’t over speed.
• Wear cycling clothes on hilly areas. Otherwise, wear pants and cover your whole body, so that if you fall, you don’t get as scraped up. Don’t wear long clothes as they can be caught in wheels.

Tips and Tricks for Mountain Ride
• Check your brakes before travelling on hilly roads.
• Many riders are tempted to go down the hill. Yes, it is fun but can be life threatening too. Drive slowly and use your brakes carefully. For emergency breaking, use two front brakes and one back brake. This will safe your bike from sliding. Control your body weight and balance it towards back to avoid sending yourself over the bars.
• On long descents, shift into large chain. So that, if your bike crash, the chain will protect your legs from the chain ring teeth.
General Tips and Tricks
• Hide your contact information inside your handlebar, head tube or seat tube. This can help you in retrieving your bike if it gets stolen. Also, in the case of any accident, it will be easier for the helpers to locate your family.
• Always take an extra flashlight with you during night time and in wet weather. Most of the headlights use direct battery power. Therefore, an extra flash light can save battery power in emergency situations.
• For increasing your battery life, let your battery drain completely. And then charge it from zero to full without any interruption. It is best to recharge overnight; however, avoid over charging.
• Check your tires every now and then. Keep them properly inflated.
• Mirrors are very important while driving. Always buy an electric bike with mirrors. Or install them manually. Use them carefully while driving. Over use can also cause accidents.
• Use hand signals before turning or stopping while driving on heavy traffic. However, practice this well before in clam surroundings to avoid any confusion.

Electric bikes are the future of transportation industry as they are environment friendly and are very easy to maintain. They have the potential to replace cars in future; however, as with any vehicle one has to be careful while driving it to avoid any unwanted situation.

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