Frequently Asked Electric Bike Questions and Answers

Here are some common queries about electric bikes.

Q- What is an electric bike?
An electric bike is a bicycle which is powered by a battery and is supported by a motor attached to the pedals.

Q- How are electric bikes different from ordinary bicycles?
Electric bikes have regular components like handlebar, wheels, frame, pedals, and saddles. What makes them different from an ordinary bike are the extra components, namely the battery and a motor.

Q- How an electric bike works?
Electric bikes can works independently of rider’s effort by activating a switch or the cyclist can pedal normally without taking any help from the motor. The former models are called electric assisted ebike, whereas later are known as pedal assisted ebike.

Q- Which type of the batteries are best for electric bikes.
Lithium ion battery is the most efficient battery as they last longer but is little bit expensive.

Q- How long a battery takes to get completely charged?
On an average, an electric bike takes 3-6 hours to get charged from 0% to the brim.

Q- How long the fully charged battery of an ebike lasts?
Normally, an ebike can cover 10-18 miles on full charge. However, the distance is highly dependent on the weight of rider.

Q- How many people can ride on an electric bike?
Riding capacity of most of the models of electric bikes is one person. However, there are few models in the market that can carry two people.

Q- Is it safe for the children to ride on an electric bike?
The standard age to ride on an electric bike is 8 years. However, parent’s guidance is highly recommended for the children aging up to 14 years.

Q- Do I need a license to drive an ebike?
Like ordinary bicycles, no license is required for electric bikes.

Q- Are electric bicycles legal?
Generally speaking, all electric bikes are legal. However, do check your state’s policy regarding electric bikes limitations before buying it.

Q- How fast an ebike can move?
Speed of an electric bike is dependent on the wattage of the motor. The higher the wattage the more will be the speed. However, there are certain limitations for manufacturers which differ from country to country. Generally, the motor is limited to 1000 watts of power and maximum speed cannot exceed 20 miles per hour.

Q- How much an electric bike can cost?
Various models of electric bikes are available in the market ranging from as low as 300$ to 5000$. Built-in models are expensive. However, you can save money by opting for conventional kits.

Q- What is the maintenance cost of an ebike?
No special maintenance is required for an ebike battery or motor. Most of them comes with company’s free maintenance service.

Q- Are there any special rules and regulations for electric bikes?
Taxation policies vary from country to country. All the safety rules like wearing a helmet, driving on to the left, etc. are same as of other bicycles.

Q- Is there any age limit for driving an ebike?
It is recommended to drive after the age of 14.

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