How is an Ebike Made?

Electric bikes are gaining popularity among commuters and those who live in busy cities. They are extremely useful for short distance trips and are the perfect alternative of walking and driving cars. For those who are unfamiliar with the ebike, these are hybrid bicycles powdered by a motor which is driven by a battery. In this article, you can learn about the basic construction and parts of an electric bicycle.

Basic construction of an electric bike
The most important parts of an electric bicycle are:
• Battery
• Motor
• Controllers
• Throttle

Let us discuss the working and functioning of these parts in detail.

Batteries: The task of a battery is to provide power to the motor. Wide range of batteries is available for the e-bike. Lithium ion batteries are the most widely used batteries as they are light weight and easily rechargeable. They enables an ebike to travel at the speed of 20 mph for a range as high as 50 miles. They require little to no-maintenance and usually lasts up to 500 recharges. Lead batteries are the other most commonly used batteries of electric bike, which are less expensive than the former but requires a sturdier bicycle as they are heavy and produce less power. Dry batteries are the least common used batteries for electric bike.

Motor: The speed range of an electric bike is determined by the capacity of the motor. Of Couse, the speed is often effected by the other parameter like rider’s weight, the wheel base diameter, and the battery condition. The more the wattage of a motor the more power it will have. The maximum limit of a motor differs from state-to-state. Usually 750 watt – 1000 watt motors are permitted for the construction of electric bike.

Throttle: Many ebike lack throttle. They are often installed in expensive and heavy duty electric bikes. Electric assisted ebike comes with throttle system. Throttle with Hall Effect is the most commonly used throttle in ebike. The function of a throttle is same as that of in motorcycle. Thumb throttle (switch throttle), half turn throttle, and full twist throttle are the different types of throttle which are used for construction an ebike.

Controllers: The speed controllers are displayed by the pedal assisted ebike on the LED display. Most bikes have 3 speed range i.e. low, mid, and high. However, some expensive bikes may also have up to 9 different speed levels.

Accessories of an electric bike
These are the basic parts which are require for the construction of an ebike. Depending on the price of an ebike, different accessories are provided by the manufacturer. Bikes that are specialized for hilly areas and wet condition usually comes with sharp headlights. Many models of electric bike comes with mirrors with safety reflectors. Bells are fitted in the handlebar of the e-bikes for warnings. They usually have pleasant sound and are clearly audible. Helmet usually comes with expensive models of an ebike. Most bikes comes with pre-installed steel baskets and racks.

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