How Many Types of E-Bikes are there? How to Pick the Best One?

Electric bikes are the environment friendly mode of transportation. E-bike is just like a bicycle, with an attached electric motor, which is powered by a battery. Before buying an e-bike you should know which type is best for your requirement that will suite your lifestyle. You need to decide whether you need a bike for day-to-day commute or for trails and rough paths. In this piece of writing, I will write about all the different types of e-bikes that are available in the market.

Folding Electric bikes
As the name indicates, folding e-bikes folds in such a way that you can carry them along while travelling. Folding e-bikes can be folded in to compact size that’s is small enough to be packed in a trunk. Carrying them along during vacations will help you in cutting down transportation expenses. They require very little space and can be stored easily in the small homes. The assembly and folding is user friendly and takes just few minutes.

Light duty Electric bikes
Some e-bikes are constructed with such specifications that they are ideal for cruising around the city. Such bikes are not suitable for hilly areas or travelling miles away from home. However, they are convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable if you are going to and from office, want to meet someone nearby, or if you simply wants to get some fresh air or burn few calories.

Mountain Electric bikes
Such bikes are especially designed for hilly and rough routes. They have thick anti-skid tires, high quality suspension forks, dual break system, durable frame, heavy duty motor, and long lasting battery.

Modes of Electric Bikes
There are different types of electric bikes based on the different ways of electric operation. They are broadly categorized into throttle mode and pedal assisted mode. Here is how they differ from each other.

• E-bikes with throttle system– Functioning of bikes with throttle system is same as that of a motorcycle. When the throttle is engaged, the bike moves forward with the help of the power provided by the motor. It allows you to have a pedal free ride. Many models of e-bikes comes with tuning system, through which you can switch between low and full power. Few models have integrated tuning knob for activating bikes, while other have switches to turn throttle on and off.

• E-bikes with pedal assistance– Bikes that comes with this technology are driven only when power is provided by the pedal. Many such models of bikes comes with different levels of assistance. Mostly three levels are given i.e. low, medium, and high. However, some advanced bikes also comes with 4, 5, or 6 level of pedal assistance. In the low mode, a rider gets 30% assistance from the motor; in the medium it increased upto 60-70%, while in high it ranges from 90-100%, depending upon the model of e-bike.

• Hybrid E-bikes– Some e-bikes are equipped with both these modes. In some models, you can start with pedal assist and then get extra boost from throttle system. While in other, you can use only one system at a time.

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