How Much Do an Electric Bike Cost

With each passing day the advancement in the science and technology brings something exciting and new to the table. One of the latest trends in the automobile sector is the invention of battery powered bicycles; a bike that works on rechargeable batteries with the help of a motor. You can either purchase a ready made model or put together one yourself with the help of a conversion kit. As with any product, you will get exactly what you are paying for. In this article, you will get an idea about the cost of e-bikes, their quality, and the best brands.

Bikes under 1000$
Electric bikes starts from as low as 300$. Bikes of these range are good for light use for example going to and from office, roaming nearby, and to get some fresh air. They have low specs but still are good enough to provide comfortable ride. However, at this rate expect low grade material of frame, batteries, and motor. Bikes ranging between 600$ to 1000$ are better and economical models. They have good quality material and provide better ride than the later. Most of the models available in the market at this price range are compact in size and foldable- that’s the biggest advantage as they require very little storage space. Brands like ANCHEER, Swagtron, cyclamatic, etc are some reliable brands to purchase e-bikes in this range.

Bikes between 1000$ to 2000$
Bikes falling under this price range have much better quality and specifications. The motors are powerful enough to reach up to 15-20 mph, batteries are long lasting, and frame is constructed with durable aluminum alloy. Most of the bikes comes with dual breaks, throttle system, and many other advanced features for comfortable and enjoyable ride. Brands like BOSCH, PANASONIC, YAMAHAH offer e-bikes between this price-range. Most of them comes with 1-2 year warranty.

Bikes above 2000$
If you are an adventure lover then you will want to own an e-bike that can provide smooth and comfortable ride even on hilly areas, wet tracks, and rough roads. Well, to enjoy this luxury you will have to lose some extra bucks. Bikes that will cost more than 2000$ are bound to have some extraordinary features like hydraulics break, 5-9 speed throttle system, light yet durable frame, high grade suspension and breaks system, LED display, thick anti-skid water resistant tires, powerful motor (up to 1000 Watt), long lasting battery with smart charging technology, and various other fancy features.

Electric bikes are one time investment. No license is required to drive these e-bikes. No insurance is required. No fuel is required. All they cost is minimal electric charges. They have low maintenance cost. Make sure that the bike you are buying has good quality battery and motor. Buy from some reputable brand to get best quality. Most of them offer free servicing warranty for 1-2 years, so you don’t have to worry about extra costs for reaping and servicing of your electric bike.

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