How to Avoid Flats with an Ebike

One of the coolest thing about electric bike is how easily it is to keep, maintain and repair them. Being able to maintain and repair your electric bike is another way to save money.

Importance of Tire in an Electric Bike
Tires are the most important part of an electric bike and it is very important to keep them safe to avoid any unwanted situations. The tires of an electric bike support the weight of bike chassis off the ground. They help in absorbing shock from the road surface. They transmit braking and traction forces to the road surface and help you in changing the direction while travelling. Tires control position, acceleration, stopping, and steering of an electric bike. They have to stand up against extreme conditions and temperature and are directly exposed to the harsh conditions of the path you are travelling. In an electric bike, wheels also support additional weight of a hub motor. Hub motors put more stress on the wheel and require more attention to avoid flats. Therefore, tires should be kept with great care and should not be neglected.

Tips and Precautions for avoiding Flat Tires
The air inside the tire carries all the weight of an electric bike and rider. Therefore, the tires should be properly inflated. It will ensure the smooth functionality of your electric bike and it will prevent flats too. Both, too low and too high pressure cause difficulty in driving. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the adequate air pressure inside your tires and the average ideal pressure of electric bike is 50 psi. For light rider 40-45 psi is good enough and for heavy riders the pressure should be around 55-50 psi. So, before your ride make sure that your tires have right pressure to avoid flats.

Some more tips for avoid flat tires while travelling on an electric bikes are listed below:
• Inspect tires regularly and replace when worn instead of getting them repair. Such tires are good for only few days.
• Buy high quality tires, especially if you travel often on hilly and rougher trails.
• Using slime is another great way to avoid flats. Slime is an inner tube sealant. Filling the inner side of tires with slime ensure the filling of small holes that can cause flats. You can also buy tires that are pre-installed with slime.
• Use bright lights while travelling at night to avoid sheer objects.
• Knock off any thorns or debris as soon as it stick with your tire. It may not cause damage at once but repeating rounds can lead to tube puncture.
• Consider adding tire liners between your tire wall and tube. Old tire strips can also be used as liners.

Precautions are always better than remedies. Therefore, take all the necessary precautions related to the tires of your electric bike to avoid any flats. Always remember to wear knee cap if you are a beginner to avoid any injuries if flat happens. Stay safe and drive safe.

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