MOTAN Electric Bike Review

MOTAN Electric Mountain Bike Review

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Due to the current global economic crisis, a revolutionary mode of transportation was required for the urban areas; so that people can reach to their desired destination in no time. Electric bikes not only redefined bicycle technology but also made huge impact in the transportation industry due to their incredible features and eco-friendly nature. Motan M55 is a perfect all-rounder ebike not only for day-to-day commute but also for uneven and rough routes. Let’s consider some of the features of this non-folding electric bike model that will help you deciding whether you want to own it or not.

Durable Body Design:

Main frame, handlebar, and pedals are made from the high quality ammonium alloy; available in three color schemes Mattel black, black orange, and black green. Due to 26” X 4.0” fat tire integration this bike is equally effective on the road, hill, mountain, tail, city, wet conditions, and even in snow. It comes with aluminum suspension fork due to which it absorb shocks on the bumpy and uneven routes, and gives you a comfortable ride. Quick release 20 cm seat post is ideal for people ranging between 5.6” to 5.8” in height. In addition to these features, Shimano pro freewheel 7 speeds and high performance front hub make this bike ideal for summer and winter season. In spite of using high quality material, this bike weighs just 60 lbs and can support up to 350 lbs.

Incredible features:
Motan M55 delivers high performance due to its heavy duty 48 V samsung lithium cell batteries placed in a sealed removable pack that charges in few hours (4-6 hours) due to smart DC lithium battery charger. Its powerful 500 W motor gives you a superfast yet comfortable ride throughout the city. This motor is especially engineered for mountain and beach routes. Due to these two features this bike gives a remarkable 30-55 mile range at a speed of 23 mph on electric mode. Few other amazing features of this bike include Shimano 7 speeds tx55 rear gears, Variable speed control – 1/2 twist throttle, TEKTRO dual disc brake set, and snow bike pro crank. Together these specifications deliver a power pack performance. So that, you can enjoy relaxing ride, no matter you are moving around in the city or planning to have a ride on hilly routes. LEDs fitted in headlight and TaiWanzhiqing integrated bell are among the fancy features of this bike.

• Available in different color schemes.
• Adjustable seat post.
• Suitable for heavy riders as well.
• Perfect for hilly routes.

• Not suitable for short heighted people.
All together this is one of the best electric bike available in the market nowadays. At amazon, it is one of the best sellers in outdoor and sport category with a customer rating of 4.2 out of 5. This ebike is fairly priced, which is nothing comparable to the high quality performance that this bike gives, regardless of the route you are driving it on. So, if you are tired of heavy traffic or simply want to have an unforgettable experience on hilly routes, get this bike and have a blast.

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