Prodecotech Phantom Electric Bike Review

Prodecotech Phantom Electric Bicycle Review

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If you are considering purchasing a bicycle, you might want to take into consideration of buying electric bike instead of an ordinary bike. E-bike is same as normal bike except it is powered by a motor rather than being driven by a rider itself. Prodecotech Phantom V6 e-bike is one of the most affordable electric bike available in the market, and here are the reasons why should own it too.

The feeling of wind blowing your hair while riding a bicycle is what many people love to enjoy. But sometimes it takes a little too much energy to have this experience; especially, if your destination is quite far. But, with an electric bike, this is not a problem anymore. .Phantom V6 has powerful 10.4Ah samsung cell battery which allows a rider to enjoy 25-30 mile hassle free ride on a single battery charge. This battery supportthe powerful 400 W motor located on the rear wheel that helps a rider to go up to 20 mph. Therefore, you can reach to your destination twice as fast as a normal bike will take. Many people resort to driving a car, which emit harmful gases;also fuel consumption is high on budget too. Not to mention the fact that in urban areas parking is a big problem. All these issues are solved by this amazing product in one go, as it is not only environment friendly but replacing your car with this ebike to run errands will significantly decrease the budget cost of fuel.

Frame of this e-bike is manufactured by high quality aluminum with matte back finish, and is ideal for people ranging from 5.6 – 6 ft. in height. Adjustable features are provided so that you can set them according to your height. The Rim is 700c x 19mm, with continental tour quality tire. V6 comes with front and back disc hydraulic brakes. These brakes generate an incredible amount of stopping power, far more than anordinary bike brakes. Therefore, far less power is required from the rider before the bike comes to halt. The 8 speed shifter is engineered with precision for delivering exceptional experience to the rider. You can adjust speed easily according to the track you are on.

With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5, Prodecotech Phantom V6 e-bike is one of the best seller bike at and is ranked 135 in sports and outdoor category. The only negative point of this ebike is that it lack some of the feature that most of the fancy bikes have, including bell, LCD display, lights, and pedal assist. However, the riding experience of V6 is not less than any expensive bike. You can get this bike at your door step from with free shipping. This bike weighs 70 pounds, and is 95 % pre-assembled, therefore you don’t need any professional assistant to get this done.

• Light weight, compact, and durable frame.
• 8 speed shifter system for comfortable ride.
• Hydraulic breaks.

• Not suitable for riders under 5.6 ft.
• Lack fork suspension.

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