Should I Buy an Electric Bicycle? & Which E-Bike Should I Buy?

Nowadays, people are looking for the means to find new innovations that can reduce the damage caused by the pollution to our environment. Electric bikes are one of those wondrous products that have given new meaning to the environment friendly transportation. An electric bike is similar to the ordinary bike with a motor attached to the wheels and powdered by a portable battery. If you are thinking why should I own this electric bicycle? Or what advantage e-bikes has over ordinary bicycle, then have a look at the reasons to own an e-bike.

• E-bikes are less expensive than any other mean of personal transportation. Pre-installed kits ranges from 400$ to 800$, while customized may cost up to 3,500$. However, this is just one time investment and can completely cut the fuel budget.
• They are regarded as green transportation vehicle as they emit no harmful gases, produce no sound, and do not require any fuel. Battery and motor are environment friendly, and require very less power for charging.
• They provide an excellent source of exercise on daily basis. You can get fresh air while riding on it, which helps in reducing stress.
• It is operated by a motor i.e. least human power is require to drive it. Therefore, you will reach to your destination with much less perspiration as compared to the bicycle.
• They are not only for cruising through the city but are also ideal for riding on hilly areas and wet tracks. Especially designed models of e-bikes are available that are constructed by keeping these two conditions in mind. Such models have special features that help in providing comfortable and smooth ride on rough paths.
• E-bikes are very easy to maintain. The motor of most of the models is very efficient. Battery takes minimal time in charging and last for many hours.
• No driving license is require. You can even carry foldable models along with you during vacations. Moreover, no insurance or license plate is required.
• These bikes have sleek design; thus you can drive them through heavy traffic easily. They can be parked anywhere without any tension.
• Available in various designs and styles; you can easily find the models that will meet your all the requirement.
If you are convinced to buy an e-bike then you must be thinking how to buy it. Then, here are some points which should be taken into consideration before buying an electric bike.
• Price- Budget is the foremost thing while buying an electric bike. You should be aware of your need. Expensive bikes have more fancy features and specifications; while cheaper models have low specifications. Pick a bike that can meet your requirement.
• Before buying, make sure to get detailed description of the battery. A standard fully charged battery provides 12-13 miles. If you want more than this, then you can ask for higher models.
• The motor of an e-bike determine how fast the bicycle will go. Pay attention to the capacity and weight of the motor before buying it.

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