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SWAGTRON SwagCycle E-Bike Review

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Over the last few years, huge advances have been made in the bicycle technology. Electric bikes are the latest and the most talk about innovation of the decade in the bicycle industry. They are ideal for people who are environment friendly and money conscious. Various styles and models of electric bikes are available, designed specifically for individual need and comfort. If you are looking for efficient but budget friendly folding electric bike then SWAGTRON SwagCycle E-Bike is an ideal option for you.

Main Body Structure:
Biggest advantage of Swagcycle is its collapsible frame i.e. it is foldable and can fit in trunk easily. Therefore, you can carry this bike along with you while travelling anywhere. Frame of this ebike is manufactured with high quality aerospace aluminum frame, which weighs only 29lb. Compact and light design of SwagCycle make it the best choice for high traffic routes.

Key Parameters:
This models runs completely on electric mode; therefore, no pedals are require. You can enjoy your ride freely without any tension of pedals and chain. Extending from the front wheel are the solid and durable foot extension to support a rider. Powdered by 36 V lithium ionbattery and 250 W motor, this e-bikes gives the mileage of 10 MPH. Battery takes only 2.5 hour in charging and last for many hours. Micro USB port is also available so that you can charge your electronic gadgets. So, you always have a power backup wherever you go.

Swagcycle is equipped with dual disc brakes that have many additional benefits including high stopping power, quick heat dissipation, and protect wheels from friction damages. They are very easy to maintain and spare parts are very affordable. Another great feature of this ebike is its LEDs. Brake light and reflectors are installed to increase your visibility while travelling at night, while front light is also available for comfortable night ride.

User Friendly mode of operation:
Swagcycle is very user friendly due to its handlebar features. Simply start by pressing the power button, and twist the throttle to get started. On the leftpanel, rear wheel disc brake operating button is present that slows down the speed. On the right panel, front wheel disc controller is present for completelystopping the bike. Headlight switch and horn button is present on the left panel, while battery indicator and power button are given on right hand side.

• Foldable, compact, light and durable frame.
• One of the most affordable, eco-friendly, and comfortable ebike.
• Pedal free model.
• Built-in micro USB port for power back of electronic devices.

• Limited speed and range.
• Not recommended for heavy riders.

It is ideal for people of all age and can support up to 264 lbs. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5, this model is also among the best sellers at amazon.com, and cost minimum with free shipping from amazon. So, whether you are looking for ways to reduce carbon footprint or have the appeal to cut down your fuel budget, this ebike is a great solution for anyone who want affordable, eco-friendly, and healthy way to commute.

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