Top Electric Bike Accessories – New Electric Bike Owners

With the continuous innovations and advancement in technology in two wheeler industry, one can get more than just a bicycle. The electric bikes are battery driven bicycles, trendy on style and color, environmental friendly, with the speed factor comparable to other fuel operated vehicles. Manufacturers of ebike are continuously pushing envelops to create new accessories and gadgets that can make your ride more comfortable and smoother. Here are latest and top accessories of electric bikes.

Common Ebike Accessories
• Helmets- is one of the most important and essential accessory of an electric bike. Various designs and styles are available, choose one according to your taste.
• Front and rear lights- Light is one of the most important accessories for night riders. It is recommended to buy ebike with built-in lights. Lights installed on handlebar can cause clutter, and one can lose them easily due to theft and damage. Built-in lights are less obstructive and are less likely to get damage. Some bikes also comes with lights of different colors.
• Bells and horns- These are among the fancy features of an ebike. You can also install customized bells on your electric bike.
• Mirrors- are another safety items. It is very important to have a view of traffic coming from behind. Make sure to buy an ebike with mirrors.
• Baskets and racks- Many ebike lack this feature. However, if you are buying an ebike for long routes and then you must consider this accessory.
• Fenders- This is another feature which most of the ebike lacks. It can save a rider from water and mud splash.

Latest and innovative Ebike accessories
• GPS control
It is very difficult to use mobile GPS with one hand and handle the bike with other hand. Some latest models of ebike comes with integrated GPS technology that allows a user to find exact route, anticipate turns, and reach to the destination without any tension.
• Computer control suspension
It is not easy to travel on bumpy and rough tracks. For adventure lovers, a new feature have been introduced i.e. computer controlled suspension system. It has integrated accelerator that allows a user to have a smooth ride as it can automatically detect and adjust to cushion you against the jolts and jars.
• Smart Locking system

You can park your electric bike anywhere, but the only problem is its safety. One can easily break the chain lock of your electric bike. Therefore, it is best to choose a bike with integrated frame locking system. Nowadays, an innovative locking system has been introduced that allows a user to lock the bike wirelessly by using smartphone. A special detector in the app will notify you of any movement while it’s locked. It also notifies when cables of your ebike are being cut. A piercing alarm will interrupt the theft and you will get an immediate emergency notification on your cellphone. This app also allows a user to track your ebike whereabouts.

If your bike lack these features, nothing to worry about as many of these features are customizable i.e. you can install them after buying an ebike according to your likes and taste.

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